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FORMfields & FORMgen :: Bug Fixes

New Patch Release Versions 3.0.1_20070831

(2348 views. Last Updated: 2007-08-31 3:42 PM)

On Aug 31st we released patched versions of the FORMfields Lib and FORMgen (versions 3.0.1_20070831). If you have previous 3.0 versions installed, we highly recommend that you upgrade (for free) by logging in at, clicking My Licenses and re-downloading the software.

The Aug 31st release contains fixes for:

  • Wrapped values printed in HTML input tags so that characters like double quotes don’t lead to improperly formatted HTML. This also permits the user to enter double quotes in fields like the Field Label when using FORMgen.

  • Patched the Downloadable FORMgen so that the rename and copy form functions actually create the DB when using Local and Auto Create Table modes.

  • FfExtHelper::getQueryString() doesn’t generate PHP notices any more.

  • Fixed the ClearButtonListener implementation

  • Added plus sign to acceptable characters in EmailAddrField

  • Enhanced the CSV export to work with SSL in IE—required extra HTTP headers.

  • Increased the range of years in FORMgen dates to go back to 1970, the 1st year that can be processed by PHP date functions.

  • Fixed the form action so that you can properly add email addresses to the Email To Fields in FORMgen.

  • Enhanced FORMgen to prohibit form names and form field names that begin with numbers. Added code to ensure that field names are not MySQL reserved words.

  • Patched the DateField::getDisableFieldJs() and ColorChooser::getDisableFieldJs() so that they work properly when fields are dynamically enabled after they have been dynamically disabled.

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