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Internal Server Error (500) - When Visiting Generated Form

(2534 views. Last Updated: 2008-09-17 10:03 AM)

After visiting a form generated with the Downloadable FORMgen, you may receive the error "Internal Server Error".

This is most likely because your web server's settings prohibited the FORMfields Configuration script from properly setting up the permissions on the FORMfields forms directories. To fix this, use an FTP client (or the shell) to set the directory permissions of FORMfields/forms, FORMfields/forms/generated, FORMfields/forms/generated/extras and FORMfields/forms/backup to full read, write and execute permissions (chmod 777).

Note: Some web servers will still generate a 404 or 500 error or a blank page even when full permissions are set. These cases are most likely due to the web server requiring chmod 755 permissions on FORMfields/forms, FORMfields/forms/generated, FORMfields/forms/generated/extras and FORMfields/forms/backup.
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