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Sending a Confirmation Email to the User Who Submitted the Form

(2273 views. Last Updated: 2007-08-22 11:04 AM)

Here is an example of how to send a confirmation email to the user completing the form.

(Note: If you are using the Downloadable FORMgen (not FORMgen Lite), you must have the following patch installed before continuing:

1. Create a form with FORMgen that contains an EmailAddrField named "email"

2. On Step 5 of FORMgen, configure Form Email 1 to send a confirmation email (or, if you have already configured Form Email 1 for something else then configure Form Email 2 to send a confirmation):

a. Add "email" to the Email To Fields list

b. Optional: Enter something like for Email From.

c. Enter a Message Header like:
Thank you for completing our form.
Please expect to hear from us shortly.

Joe Smith
My Company

d. Optional: If you don't want to send the form data to the user, unclick "Email the data submitted by the user"
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