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Please correct the following errors - But Data Is Valid

(2094 views. Last Updated: 2007-08-15 2:31 PM)

If you are entering valid data into a form generate by FORMgen and the form is saying "Please correct the following errors" but it doesn't display the location of the error, then this is most likely due to one or more HiddenFields in your form. The problem occurs when you set the maxLength of a HiddenField to a number smaller than the value of the HiddenField. For example:
$ffBean->addField(new HiddenField("todaysQuote", "It is what it is so don't worry about it.", 10));
will generate an error because "It is what it is so don't worry about it." is longer than 10 characters. To fix this, instead use something like:
$ffBean->addField(new HiddenField("todaysQuote", "It is what it is so don't worry about it.", 255));
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