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Using Your Own CSS Template With Your Form

(3489 views. Last Updated: 2007-08-15 4:29 PM)

1. Upload your CSS template (we'll call it myStyle.css) to your FORMfields/styles directory. (See for details on creating your own template).
2. If you are using the downloadable FORMgen, your template will automatically be listed when you generate a form and you can stop here. If you are using FORMgen Lite, generate your form and select any of the available CSS templates. Download your form to your hard drive.
3. Edit your form using your favorite editor and change:
define("FF_STYLE_FILE", FF_ROOT_URL . "/styles/coolBlue.css");
define("FF_STYLE_FILE", FF_ROOT_URL . "/styles/myStyle.css");
4. Upload your form to your website.
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