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What is the difference between FORMgen and the FORMfields Library?

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The FORMfields Library is a collection of PHP classes and routines that allow you to dynamically generate HTML forms.

FORMgen is a web based form generation wizard. FORMgen Lite, a version of FORMgen available online, can be used for free by visiting Or, you can download FORMgen and install it on your local computer. This is useful if you wish to say develop your forms on your laptop and then move these forms to a public website. Note: The forms that are generated with FORMgen must be copied to a website that contains an installation of the FORMfields Library--this is because the FORMfields Library powers these forms. FORMgen comes with one free license of the FORMfields Library.

For details on the different FORMgen and FORMfields Lib licenses, please see
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