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Clearing the Value of a Field When Clicked On or Tabbed To

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In this example we will demonstrate how to clear the value of a field when the user 1st clicks the field or 1st tabs to the field. We will assume that you have already used FORMgen to specify a default value for this field.

1. We will assume that you want to apply this functionality to a PersonNameField named "first_name", however this step will work with any FORMfields field that is based on a single text box. For example: TextField, TextAreaField, StreetAddressField, etc..
$ffForm->addField(new PersonNameField("first_name", "First Name", FORM_FIELD_REQUIRED));
$ffForm->addField(new PersonNameField("first_name", "First Name", FORM_FIELD_REQUIRED));

2. Add JavaScript to your page's "head" tag:
<script type="text/javascript">
var firstNameCleared = false;
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