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MySQL Storage Limits. Max Amount of Data that Can be Exported Through phpMyAdmin

(1091 views. Last Updated: 2011-09-30 1:59 AM)

There is no limit to the size of the database or data that can be stored by FORMfields, except for the limits imposed by MySQL. However, there is typically a limit to how much data can be exported using phpMyAdmin. There are typically either web browser timeouts or data errors that occur when you try to export a large amount of data from phpMyAdmin. In our experience, we have often seen the phpMyAdmin export function break when the amount of exported data exceeds 2 MB.

Instead, when trying to export a large amount of data from MySQL, we suggest that you use the command line tool mysqldump, which is installed with MySQL. For example:
$ mysqldump –u[dbUsername] -p[dbPassword] [dbName] [tableName] > myfile.sql

More details on the mysqldump command can be found via a quick search.
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