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Using SSL to Secure Your Forms

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Here is an example that uses SSL to protect credit card information and other sensitive information.

To make your forms secure:
1. Use SSL to have the entry form store the data in your database
2. Use SSL and a view form to securely view the data in your database.
Futhermore, for extra security, you can delete things like credit card numbers from your database after they are used.

1. Modify, using FORMgen, your form so that it doesn''t send an email and instead stores the data in your database. Follow instructions on step 6 of FORMgen for configuring your database, downloading the view page and setting up password access to this file.
2. Contact your hosting provider to setup SSL on your webserver. Once they do this, you should be able to go to: and a little lock in
bottom right of your web browser should appear. Then whenever, you link to this form from you homepage or other location on your website, just make sure you include the https.
3. Call your form using https and not http. Example: This requires that you have SSL setup on your web server.
4. Go to your Control Panel: to view the credit card data and charge your customers.
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