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Troubleshooting Form Emailing

(2207 views. Last Updated: 2008-06-15 4:24 PM)

Here's some things to try if you are experiencing problems sending emails via FORMfields forms:

1. Ensure that you have a from address and that the domain in the from address matches the domain where the form is hosted. In other words, if you form is at then the from address should be something like

2. Ensure that your webserver supports sending emails:
a. Create a file called mail.php with the following contents:


$to "";
$from "";
mail($to"Test Subject""Test Message""From: " $from);

b. Edit the to and from addresses. The from address should contain the domain where you are going to upload this file. The to address can be any of your email accounts.
c. Place this file on your website
d. Use a web browser to visit this file
e. Wait a couple minutes and see if you received the email. If you don't receive the email, you should contact your hosting company and request that they fix or setup emailing for your hosting account.
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