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Upload Field - Including a Link to Uploaded Files Without Attaching to an Email

(2008 views. Last Updated: 2008-04-17 1:06 AM)

Here is how you can include links to the files uploaded by your form without attaching the files to the email that is sent by your form. This could be useful if say your uploads are too large to be attached to an email.

As per the API documentation, the definition for FfForm::email() is:
email(string to, string subject, string from, string cc, string bcc, string msgHeader, string msgFooter, array attachments, mixed useHtml, string cssFile, boolean sendFormData, boolean sendFormUploads, useHtml false)

Therefore, you can prevent FORMfields from attaching the uploads by specifying a value of false for sendFormUploads.

For a little more background on using FfForm::email(), please see
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