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Error When Editing Control Panel Data in PHP 5

(2318 views. Last Updated: 2008-01-16 1:08 PM)

There is a bug in the DateTimeField that causes a problem when editing Control Panel data in PHP 5.2.4 and possibly earlier versions of PHP 5. To fix this bug, you can either:
1. Download the 3_0_20080116 bundles of FORMfields, FORMgen or AdMan by logging at, clicking on My Licenses and re-downloading your software.
2. By editing FORMfields/src/fields/DateTimeField.php and replacing:
$this->time = new TimeField($name . FORM_FIELD_SEP . "time", $label, $required, $blankString);
$this->time = new TimeField($name . FORM_FIELD_SEP . "time", $label, $required);
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