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FORMfields & FORMgen :: Bug Fixes

New Patch Release Versions 3.0.20071006

(3025 views. Last Updated: 2007-10-06 6:20 PM)

On Oct 6th, 2007 we released patched versions of the FORMfields Lib and FORMgen (versions 3.0.20071006). If you have previous 3.0 versions installed, we highly recommend that you upgrade (for free) by logging in at, clicking My Licenses and re-downloading and reinstalling the software.

The Oct 6th release contains fixes for:

FORMfields Lib:

  • Enhanced FfDbExtHelper::executeScript() to work with file_get_contents as this is more readily available in PHP configs.

  • Enhanced FfDbHelper::printServerDownError() to display the database error

  • Enhanced FfExtHelper::getFullCountryName() to be case insensitive

  • Added "?" and "*" to FfExtHelper::stringToPattern()

  • Made the CSS in FfMenuHelper::getMenu() W3C compliant

  • Expanded configuration of all fonts in src/FORMfields.css to include missing FORMfields elements

  • Included a missing anchor when displaying TableSets in TableSet::getTableTag()

  • Fixed a bug that generated errors when calling TableSet::translateRows() when no data is in the TableSet.

  • Enhanced FormField::getDisplayHtmlValue() to convert new lines to
    's when htmlify is true and valueIsHtml is false.

  • Enhanced PhoneNumberField so that is doesn't display an error when the extension is not entered


  • Replaced "Choose a Name for Your Form" with "Delete Form" in deleteFormBody.php

  • Enhanced FgControlPanelGenerator and FgFormGenerator to print a
    so that the width of a generated form can be set with CSS

  • Replaced use of FfHelper::scandir() with the more recent scandir() in step1Header.php and step4Header.php -- this is compatible with more PHP configurations.

  • Enhanced step5Header.php so that if a form is loaded that doesn't use the DB and then the user selects to use the DB, the DB is created.

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