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Getting Started with FORMfields

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Here's an overview of how to get started with FORMfields:
1. Purchase the FORMfields Lib from
2. Install the FORMfields Lib by following the directions at:
3. Use FORMgen at to generate a form. Follow the directions on step 6 by downloading your form to your hard drive and then uploading it to any directory on your website. Let's say your form is called myform.php, you place it in /FORMfields/forms, and your domain name is Then, you can visit your form by going to
4. If you wish to merge your form into an existing web page, follow the directions at

Here is a good overview of how to get started with FORMgen:

Also, we highly recommend that you visit and browse the tutorials and documentation to really get a feel for various features in FORMfields.
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