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System Requirements
Secure Alpha 1.0 and 0.9 Installation
Note: You must have either FORMfields Lib 3 or 2.1 installed on your web server before you install Secure Alpha. Please post all comments and bug reports in our forums.
  • Download the Secure Archive.
  • Unzip the Secure archive to the root directory of your website. We recommend that you first save the Secure archive to your local machine and then use WinZip or another similar application to unzip your files. Then you should use an FTP program to copy the unzipped files to the root directory of your web server. Important: all directory and file names are case sensitive and must remain intact. After you are done copying these files to your web server, you should have the following directory in your root directory:
  • Use a FTP client to add full permissions to your /secure/globalVars.php file or use shell access to issue a "chmod 777 globalVars.php".
  • Use a FTP program to change the permissions on the /secure/uploads directory to full write permissions. Alternatively, you can set the permissions on this directory using a command like chmod 777.
  • Go to and complete the installation form.
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