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FORMfields Lib Installation
Last Updated: September 17th, 2007
  • Download the FORMfields Lib archive from here.
  • This step is only for users upgrading from a previous version of FORMfields. We recommend that you rename the existing FORMfields directory in your website's root directory to something like FORMfieldsOld.
  • Unzip the FORMfields archive to the root directory of your website. We recommend that you first save the FORMfields archive to your local machine and then use WinZip or another similar application to unzip your files. Then you should use an FTP program to copy the unzipped files to the root directory of your web server. Important: all directory and file names are case sensitive and must remain intact. After you are done copying these files to your web server, you should have a directory like and in this directory there should reside all the FORMfields files and directories.
  • This step is only for users upgrading from a previous version of FORMfields with forms in the FORMfields/forms directories. Use an FTP client to download all the forms from FORMfieldsOld/forms, including those in the sub directories, to your local hard drive. Then use the FTP client to upload these forms to the FORMfields/forms directories.
  • Configure your installation by completing the form at
  • Test out your installation by going to You should see a Contact Us form with fields for Name, User Since, Subject and Message. If you receive an error then you should try visiting If Example 2 displays fine then you most likely have your DOCUMENT_ROOT variable misconfigured and should read the Misconfigured DOCUMENT_ROOT.
Getting Started
We highly recommend that you follow the Getting Started Tutorial.
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